Massage Treatments  

Here at House of Beauty we want to cater for your body and your soul and that’s why we offer a full range of massage therapies. 


Popular Treatments

Hot Stone Massage 30 minutes £20 / 60 minutes – £38

Thermal stone massage using warm stones to massage the body from head to toe, a lovely warming treatment that works on energy points located throughout the body to rebalance and harmonise.

Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder £27 (45 minutes)

Pressure massage that focuses on the build -up of stress and muscle tension in all areas around the neck, shoulder and across the back.

Indian Head Massage £28 (30 minutes)

Find inner peace and serenity as this treatment works on your physical and psychological levels. A wonderful de-stressing treatment. Can help to improve tension headaches, sinusitis, insomnia, muscle tension. Helps promote a sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity.

Swedish Full Body Massage £40 (50 minutes)

Swedish massage is designed to relax the entire body, benefits go beyond relaxation it also helps increase the level of oxygen in the blood and improve circulation and flexibility.

Deep Tissue Full Body £45 (50 minutes)

Massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. A lovely massage for those with chronic aches and pains.